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Hi, I’m Steve Johnson, and want to say thank you for taking to the time to consider using Colonial Credit, LLC for your mortgage needs. I've been able to help thousands of customers successfully save hundreds of thousands of dollars over the course of my career and I would love the opportunity to help you also. Please contact me so that we can carefully review your mortgage financing options for either the purchase of your home or to refinance your existing home. 


So, what’s the secret to our success?

I’m the Owner & Founder of Colonial Credit, LLC. I’ve been in the mortgage industry since 1994, starting as an underwriter then becoming a loan officer in 1997, and finally as an owner and trainer since 2003 and have been successful in both rising and falling rate markets. I have trained all the loan officers at Colonial Credit, LLC and our sales have grown by an average of over 50% and some individuals have grown their volume by 200% or more. In a phrase, it’s been our ability to hire, train and develop our own Top Producing loan officers. I show every loan officer step by step, what to do, how to do it and why we do everything. Additionally, we equip them with the resources and marketing systems and provide a sales culture of excellence. My systems have never failed anyone, regardless of rates, who has honestly worked them for a period of at least 60 days.



Humble Beginnings

When I think about where I came from in my life I love to think of the quote, “Rome wasn’t built in a day!” After finishing up at the University of Rhode Island in 1993, I began a short and trying career as a home painter. Although I liked the business, the upside potential was weak.

In 1993, after a failed business attempt at painting houses, I found myself $15,000 in debt and with bill collectors hot on my tail and with no way to pay it back. It got so bad, I actually had to sleep on my best friend’s couch in his dinky 750 sq. foot apartment. That was only until I could afford to pay rent to a complete stranger and live in his upstairs apartment. Humility was starting to take on a whole new meaning to me. I felt like I was failing at life and I was beginning to search for answers.

Why was this happening to me? Where did I go wrong? I had drive, a good work ethic, people skills, but nothing seemed to work. By accident, I came across the mortgage business in 1994 and my life has been forever changed.


A Fresh Start

After starting with a nationwide lender as an underwriter for three years - I made the switch to a local bank and became a loan officer. In three months I became the top producing L.O. at the bank and I never looked back. One year later, I was promoted a Senior Loan Officer position and given the challenge of training others. Being humbled by my past, I set out to learn from others with the goal of creating the best training plan possible. This was the key which unlocked my potential. During a 15-month period I went to every major seminar I could to learn from the giants like Tom Hopkins, Greg Frost, Brian Tracy and Joe Stumpf, to name a few. Additionally, I studied the systems from some of the biggest producers in the history of the mortgage industry. After several months of study, reflection and testing these ideas on my own,

I began writing the training plan. I knew the key for me would be to model after the most successful marketing systems and closing techniques and to weave them into one simple method that I could teach and our Loan Officers could use.

To make a long story short, my training plan took our team from dead last to #1 in the company within 4 months. I helped Loan Officers that were writing 1-2 loans a month get to 3-5 a month. Many writing 3 to 5, moved up to 6-10 a month. It was incredible! My confidence soared, and in 2003, I left the bank to focus on writing loans myself. In my first year selling again, I was able to break the 20 loans a month barrier. I ultimately reached 37 loans a month before I decided to start my own company, which I named Colonial Credit, LLC.

In hindsight, my early bouts with adversity were not all bad. They lit a fire in my belly and gave me a teachable spirit. In just a few years I went from massive debt and a personal foreclosure to owning my own company and helping customers with their biggest financial investment ever. Only in America my friends, only in America! I thank God for second chances and the opportunity I now have to work with the fine people at Colonial Credit, LLC and to continue to show others how to attain their goals and dreams. Over the years I have continued to tweak, improve and update my training program and they are still the driving force behind our sales growth.

Yours for prosperity,

Steve Johnson

Steve Johnson, President

Colonial Credit, LLC



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